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Innovative thinking is the only way to win in business

Let me repeat. Innovative thinking is the only way to win in business. Why? Habitual thinking will stop you from coming up with better ways of doing things. Think about the moment you wake up. Do you go through the same routine nearly every morning? Our habits have become part of our everyday routine. Our brains find the most efficient ways of doing things and keep doing them that way. It’s normal, but it can lead to missed opportunities for innovation. Habits are part of our everyday routine.

Shifting your mindset

Innovative thinking drives us to learn new things. When we start a new job, everything is new to us. We are excited to be learning new systems, processes and procedures. You look at everything with a fresh set of eyes. Then, as you gain more experience and become comfortable with day-to-day tasks, you stop questioning things. Before you know it, the tasks become habitual. This is generally when productivity starts to decline, and work can become a “chore.”

Now, let’s say an issue arises at work. What do you do? Probably find a way to fix it as quickly as you can. And if a similar problem happens again? Well, now you have a procedure in place. Organisations implement processes and procedures to give guidance for decision-making, often referred to as best practices. However, when employees begin to accept that these best practices are the only way to do business, they lose their ability to think more intuitively.

Sometimes it is good to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. You begin to notice things that most of us take for granted. This will help you look at your business with a fresh set of eyes, just like when you were that new employee.

Opportunities for innovation

If your business wants to find opportunities for innovation, ask yourself, “is there is a better way?” Start by questioning the existing policies and procedures already set in place. Observe all aspects, including your business partnerships, customer and supplier relationships, your employee’s wants and needs, how you want to be portrayed in the marketplace, etc.

Then, challenge all assumptions you have formed about how the business operates. We are all at fault for making assumptions that might now be valid. However, when you challenge an assumption, it can lead to new, innovative opportunities. Innovative thinking can help your business save time and money and give your business a competitive advantage. Reach out today to see how Brandier Co. can help elevate your business.

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