Who We Are.

We are a Gold Coast Full Service Design Agency that takes businesses to the next level. 

Why we are here.

Our mission is to help you build an innovative brand that represents your vision, values and services.

What defines who we are.

We believe that your business is deserving of a bespoke brand that reflects who you are, connects your with your ideal clients and equips you with the tools for long-term success. 

Core Value 1. 


Curveballs will be thrown our way. However, if not prepared, we will strikeout.  We accept what we can and cannot control and are willing and ready to change when needed.

Core Value 2. 

Creativity & Innovation

Cherish creativity in a technology driven world and let the creative process run its course. Inspire each other think up innovative ideas by seeing the world around from your own unique lens, and not through the lens of someone else.

Core Value 3. 

Connect & Collaborate

Be each others biggest supporters. Look for meaning within the order of things to better understand why they are and have they can improve. All this combined is the fuel for new ideas.

Core Value 4. 

Be Passionate

We are here to create remarkable brands. We get things done right the first time. Above all, we are passionate for what we do, and are proud of what we accomplish. We are relentless and driven and deliver excellent work.

Defines the you in your business.

Branding is much more than a pretty logo and beautiful colours. It is your vision and values brought to life. In short, your brand represents your customers’ perceptions, beliefs and experience. It is the face and personality espoused by your business — and everything in between. 

Shares your unique story.

Your brand is the face of your company and each brand has a unique story. Every facet of your business — including your social media, the tone you present, the way you market and deliver  portrays who you are a a brand and sends an implicit message about your respect for your company. 

Builds trust.

Trust is the foundation of long-lasting relationships. When consumers build an emotional attachment to a business, they become advocates. It is important to take initiatives that continually excite your customers and encourage them to keep coming back. We are here to help you build strong relationships with your target audience. 


Meet our founder.

Everything is designed, but few things are designed well. From a young age, Brooke Robey crafted logos and websites for businesses as a side hustle. Before moving to Australia in 2018 to pursue her MBA at Bond University, she spent three years working for a prestigious New York City hedge fund. However, her copious business, design and entrepreneurship passions inspired her to embark on her new journey of opening Brandier Co, a leading Gold Coast marketing and design agency. She has since worked with several well-known companies in the US and Australia, including Wyndham Asia Pacific and Evidapt. 

In her spare time, Brooke enjoys traveling and immersing herself in other cultures. She loves sampling local cuisines and exotic foods, all while chasing summer. Through her solo travels, Brooke learned that each of us have the opportunity to be innovators, and her goal to bring it out in each of us. 


Let’s work together to bring your vision to life. Begin investing in your business today.